Business Venues Inquiry

Are you a business owner? Do you want to grow your customer base or provide an entertaining evening for your followers? We have the perfect unique event! Palette Up! You provide the location, date, time and promotional support – We provide the rest! Palette Up! fits in perfectly with a restaurant, pub, coffee hub, winery or brewery. Let our painting party planners make your event an experience your customers will want to come back to!

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Simple Steps for a Successful Venue Event

1.) Select the painting or project you want to create from our Pick Your Project page.

2.) Contact Palette Up!

3.) Pick a date and time that is 4-6 weeks out.

4.) Cross promote your Palette Up! event on your social media, posters, flyers, table cards and webpage.

5.) Registration is online! Your business is worry free!

 6.) Customers arrive to have great time!

7.) Repeat in 4-6 weeks.



What we need for the event:

A 2x8 ft. long or 8 ft. round table seats 4-5 attendees. Palette Up! covers all tables with plastic covers. Average attendance is 30 (we can service more). However we can limit the registration quota to accommodate the space that is used.

We need accessibility to lukewarm water and sink.

Waitstaff – Your income from beverage and food sales will increase if you have an active waitperson who serves beverages throughout the event. We suggest that service begin 30 minutes prior and after the event.

Turn up the lights! Artists need to see what they’re painting!  

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